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Information is the best of all resources and that is what we have been providing. Come here and gather all that you have to know about the Jewish-Israeli relationship and particularly about the Jewish community. We welcome you to the world of CERJI


The Consultative Center for Jewish and Israeli Relations (CERJI) is the official spokesperson for some 400,000 Canadian Jews. In this regard, it is a non-partisan agency charged with providing expertise and all information relating to the concerns of the Jewish community.

A product of the merger of the Canadian Jewish Congress, the Canada-Israel Committee, the Quebec Jewish Congress, the Quebec-Israel Committee and the University Alignment Committee, the mission of the Center is to inform policy makers, opinion leaders, members of civil society and our fellow citizens on matters relating to public policy, Canada-Israel and Quebec-Israel relations, the correlation between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, and the situation of our students on the various university campuses. As such, it is the link between the Jewish community and the three levels of government, the media, the community, businesses and universities.


History of the Jews in Canada

The religion of Jewish people is Judaism. Born Jews treat converted Jews as second class Jews. Canadian Jews are citizens of Canada.


In the world, Canadian Jewish Community is in the fourth place with its Jews population. The origin of Canadian Jewish community is Ashkenazim and it is following along the tree since many years. Their language which is prominent in tradition is Yiddish. Hebrew is also well known as historical language of Jews. The Canadian Jewish Community follows and represents cultural tradition of Jews.

Migration of Jews to Canada from different places

In 1760, first Jew entered the Quebec. Quebec is a place where area around it is covered by rivers flowing in narrow area. Ontario is a top place in Canada and Ontario is second top place in Canada. Later the Jews remained in Canada for 250 years and even more than that. Many Jews with their families from Europe came and got settled in Quebec. Under the British rulers, Quebec was the first Jurisdiction who gave the full rights and powers to the Jews. Debates for independence were very famous.

In between 1880 and 1920, from Europe, Russia and many more places Jews migrated to Canada in large count. Due to these migrants, there were political disturbances among these countries and there raised many violent situations against Jews. With the help of few international charities, Jews started new lives in Canada. Later, Jews slowly started building their careers by doing business, establishing institutions, and many more at main Cities of Canada. Thus they developed themselves as well as many industries were started in Canada and became famous. There were many cloth factories established.

From 1924, Jews were restricted from entering Canada till 1933. This problem was at the time of World War II and Post World War. After the great struggle of many Jewish agencies, very few Jews were permitted to enter until 1948 due to great damage and loss during the war. Once few of the Jews were allowed, later many of the historical holocaust people, who survived migrated to Canada from European countries in count of thousands. Most of them settled in Montreal and Toronto.

Later in 1950, Jews from Egypt started migrating to Canada followed by Hungarian Jews in 1956, Romanian Jews in 1960’s, Jews from Russia in 1970’s, Jews from North America in 1980’s. Then a new group of migrated Jews in Quebec was formed with French language as their main significance joined their hands with Quebec society. Finally the state of Canadian Jewish Community was changed since 1990.

Montreal Jewish Community is a well known Jewish Community. There is also online museum of Montreal Jewish community which has the collection of history, culture and maps of Montreal Jewish Community which is located in Quebec.

Moving To Canada? What Jews need to know?

Nowadays there are many people migrating from one place to another. There are especially many people migrating to Canada. There are Jews from different places migrating to Canada. Especially from America, many of the Jews are planning to migrate to Canada. After Donald Trump has become President of America which was a shocking situation that has happened, there are many of them willing to move to Canada. They have been searching for how to migrate to Canada and what is the process for Canada immigration. Most of the Jews move to Canada in order to experience more benefits. Canadian Jewish Community is the fourth largest community in the world. It takes place after United States, Britain and France.

Canada is known as a Land of Maple. It is because the Land is full of beauty with Maple trees. The Canadian flag also will have maple leaf which represents the beauty of the country. The capital of Canada is Ottawa. Toronto is the capital of Ontario. Ottawa is also a place in Ontario. 1.1% of the total population of Canada is Jews population. More than half of the Jewish population in Canada is in Ontario. That is between 57% and 58%. Toronto is the largest city in Canada. Toronto is well developed culturally and financially. For Jews who migrate to Canada can experience its culture and develop their career financially.

Ice hockey is the game which 80% of the Canadians encourage, like and play. Though Jews couldn’t excel in that particular game, their interest towards the game will give a clear picture of their interest in being together with Canadian culture. In order to encourage them, the Hart Memorial Trophy is given which is named after Dr. David Hart. There are many Jews who became famous in Canada. Few of them rose as superstars in acting, singing, architecture etc.

The Jews can start business and develop their business well in Canada. The best food helps Jews to stay fit and healthy. For American Jews it is a best place to grow their community in Canada. The health care is very good and free for the Jews who enter the Canada. Canada looks beautiful with its natural sceneries. It attracts the eye of viewers towards it. It is a peaceful place to live. Most of the Jews who are living in Canada, they consider Canada as their Home. Canada is much more beautiful compared to New York. Canada is the Northern neighbor which is cool and Jews can easily opt to migrate to Canada. Canada’s most popular Prime Minister; Justin Trudeau is the attraction with his rule. There are Jews migrating from areas in South America too.

Hi, I am Richard Simon, and it’s been quite a few years since I took up charge in CERJI. Every single day we have been working hard to improve the fate of the Jewish-Israeli community. We felt the need for spreading more information, and that is why we have been acting as a platform to help people come and gather data about the Jewish community.

Richard Simon

Chief Executive Officer, CERJI

latest UPDATES FROM press room

Centre Hosts Engaging Discussion On Antisemitism In Montreal

As part of its ongoing commitment to provide opportunities for members of the public to hear from an array of internationally renowned experts on issues of concern to our community, The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (The Centre) recently hosted an event featuring David Hirsh, from London University’s “Engage- The anti-racist campaign against Antisemitism”. He was part of a stimulating panel discussion entitled: Anti-Zionism and Antisemtism: The Blurry red Line?

The May 16th event was co-sponsored by the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research and held at the FCJA Gelber Conference Centre. Also featured on the panel chaired by Professor Harold Waller was Catherine Chatterley, Founding Director of the Canadian Institute for the study of Antisemitism.

Dr. Catherine Chatterley, a non-Jew, a history professor from the University of Manitoba, an acknowledged expert on the subject, has made the study of anti-Semitism a life-long passion, and her lecture on the subject literally blew the minds of all in the audience with details. Chatterley has started a foundation called CISA, the Canadian Institute to study Anti-Semitism, and her long-term plan is to promote a course on anti-Semitism in every Canadian university.” The audience was treated to an engaging presentation by Professor Hirsch and his unique experiences as a British academic encountering, and confronting, both anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism.

Replica Victor-Levy Beaulieu Anti-Isreal

The opinion piece of Victor-Lévy Beaulieu (VLB) does not pay tribute to the duty to inform a newspaper such as yours. Although opinion cards offer greater latitude to authors than journalistic articles, the fact remains that to be credible, an opinion piece must be based on verifiable facts.

Now, smeared with slanders, fabrications and distortions, the VLB blaze immediately loses all credibility when he imputes such odious and imaginative remarks to Israeli President Shimon Peres (“the Palestinians, these sons of dogs, we are going to throw them into the sea “). Who can believe that the Israeli Nobel Peace Prize, who claimed in Why the Sky Is Blue that “people have the right to dream as they have the right to eat and drink” could have made comments directly from the speech warrior of the leaders of the Arab world?

Also, are we not fooled that under the pretext of the criticism of Israel, VLB attacks for several years not only the legitimacy of the Nation-State of the Jewish people, but spreads the oldest antisemitic clichés, to to know the defamation of the Jews as enemies of the human race: “Israel behaves no differently than the kingdom of Judea: What is not me is my enemy and I must destroy it absolutely.

The freedom to inform is a valuable asset that deserves better than disinformation: after 101 years of existence, Le Devoir should know.

David Ouellette
Associate Director, Public Affairs (Quebec)
The Consultative Center for Jewish and Israeli Relations

Iranian Nuclear: Do Not Underestimate The Probability Of An American Strike, Warns Bruno Tertrais In Montreal

Bruno Tertrais at the Quebec National Assembly

At the invitation of the Center, the eminent expert in nuclear proliferation Bruno Tertrais had several meetings last week with the Quebec and Canadian press, university researchers and political decision-makers. Senior researcher at the Foundation for Strategic Research in Paris, Mr. Tertrais is one of the most cited specialists on the Iranian nuclear issue and his expertise is sought by several Western governments.

During his stay, Mr. Tertrais gave interviews to Desautels (Radio-Canada), Dutrizac (98.5 FM), The Tommy Schnurmacher Show (CJAD) and Embassy Magazine. He delivered a lecture entitled “Iranian nuclear: Is a peaceful solution still possible? At the Center for Peace and International Security Studies (University of Montreal / McGill University) and the Hahayim Or Congregation. In addition, Mr. Tertrais delivered a speech on the Iranian nuclear issue at the Quebec National Assembly on the occasion of the annual reception of the Center and held high level meetings in Ottawa.

Mr. Tertrais explained why the international community is certain that Iran is seeking to acquire nuclear weapons, detailed the negative repercussions of an Iran nuclearized internationally and stressed that the probability of an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear infrastructure is overestimated, while that of an American strike is underestimated. In addition, Mr. Tertrais explored various plausible crisis-exit scenarios and insisted on the need to continue imposing international sanctions against the Iranian regime.

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I have always wanted to know about the Jewish community, and this acts as the right platform to cater all the information that I require. Thanks to CERJI.

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One place to find everything that you have to know about the souring Jewish-Israeli relationship. Knowing all this might help us contribute better to world peace.


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