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Nowadays there are many people migrating from one place to another. There are especially many people migrating to Canada. There are Jews from different places migrating to Canada. Especially from America, many of the Jews are planning to migrate to Canada. After Donald Trump has become President of America which was a shocking situation that has happened, there are many of them willing to move to Canada. They have been searching for how to migrate to Canada and what is the process for Canada immigration. Most of the Jews move to Canada in order to experience more benefits. Canadian Jewish Community is the fourth largest community in the world. It takes place after United States, Britain and France.

Canada is known as a Land of Maple. It is because the Land is full of beauty with Maple trees. The Canadian flag also will have maple leaf which represents the beauty of the country. The capital of Canada is Ottawa. Toronto is the capital of Ontario. Ottawa is also a place in Ontario. 1.1% of the total population of Canada is Jews population. More than half of the Jewish population in Canada is in Ontario. That is between 57% and 58%. Toronto is the largest city in Canada. Toronto is well developed culturally and financially. For Jews who migrate to Canada can experience its culture and develop their career financially.

Ice hockey is the game which 80% of the Canadians encourage, like and play. Though Jews couldn’t excel in that particular game, their interest towards the game will give a clear picture of their interest in being together with Canadian culture. In order to encourage them, the Hart Memorial Trophy is given which is named after Dr. David Hart. There are many Jews who became famous in Canada. Few of them rose as superstars in acting, singing, architecture etc.

The Jews can start business and develop their business well in Canada. The best food helps Jews to stay fit and healthy. For American Jews it is a best place to grow their community in Canada. The health care is very good and free for the Jews who enter the Canada. Canada looks beautiful with its natural sceneries. It attracts the eye of viewers towards it. It is a peaceful place to live. Most of the Jews who are living in Canada, they consider Canada as their Home. Canada is much more beautiful compared to New York. Canada is the Northern neighbor which is cool and Jews can easily opt to migrate to Canada. Canada’s most popular Prime Minister; Justin Trudeau is the attraction with his rule. There are Jews migrating from areas in South America too.