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The religion of Jewish people is Judaism. Born Jews treat converted Jews as second class Jews. Canadian Jews are citizens of Canada.


In the world, Canadian Jewish Community is in the fourth place with its Jews population. The origin of Canadian Jewish community is Ashkenazim and it is following along the tree since many years. Their language which is prominent in tradition is Yiddish. Hebrew is also well known as historical language of Jews. The Canadian Jewish Community follows and represents cultural tradition of Jews.

Migration of Jews to Canada from different places

In 1760, first Jew entered the Quebec. Quebec is a place where area around it is covered by rivers flowing in narrow area. Ontario is a top place in Canada and Ontario is second top place in Canada. Later the Jews remained in Canada for 250 years and even more than that. Many Jews with their families from Europe came and got settled in Quebec. Under the British rulers, Quebec was the first Jurisdiction who gave the full rights and powers to the Jews. Debates for independence were very famous.

In between 1880 and 1920, from Europe, Russia and many more places Jews migrated to Canada in large count. Due to these migrants, there were political disturbances among these countries and there raised many violent situations against Jews. With the help of few international charities, Jews started new lives in Canada. Later, Jews slowly started building their careers by doing business, establishing institutions, and many more at main Cities of Canada. Thus they developed themselves as well as many industries were started in Canada and became famous. There were many cloth factories established.

From 1924, Jews were restricted from entering Canada till 1933. This problem was at the time of World War II and Post World War. After the great struggle of many Jewish agencies, very few Jews were permitted to enter until 1948 due to great damage and loss during the war. Once few of the Jews were allowed, later many of the historical holocaust people, who survived migrated to Canada from European countries in count of thousands. Most of them settled in Montreal and Toronto.

Later in 1950, Jews from Egypt started migrating to Canada followed by Hungarian Jews in 1956, Romanian Jews in 1960’s, Jews from Russia in 1970’s, Jews from North America in 1980’s. Then a new group of migrated Jews in Quebec was formed with French language as their main significance joined their hands with Quebec society. Finally the state of Canadian Jewish Community was changed since 1990.

Montreal Jewish Community is a well known Jewish Community. There is also online museum of Montreal Jewish community which has the collection of history, culture and maps of Montreal Jewish Community which is located in Quebec.