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As part of its ongoing commitment to provide opportunities for members of the public to hear from an array of internationally renowned experts on issues of concern to our community, The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (The Centre) recently hosted an event featuring David Hirsh, from London University’s “Engage- The anti-racist campaign against Antisemitism”. He was part of a stimulating panel discussion entitled: Anti-Zionism and Antisemtism: The Blurry red Line?

The May 16th event was co-sponsored by the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research and held at the FCJA Gelber Conference Centre. Also featured on the panel chaired by Professor Harold Waller was Catherine Chatterley, Founding Director of the Canadian Institute for the study of Antisemitism.

Dr. Catherine Chatterley, a non-Jew, a history professor from the University of Manitoba, an acknowledged expert on the subject, has made the study of anti-Semitism a life-long passion, and her lecture on the subject literally blew the minds of all in the audience with details. Chatterley has started a foundation called CISA, the Canadian Institute to study Anti-Semitism, and her long-term plan is to promote a course on anti-Semitism in every Canadian university.” The audience was treated to an engaging presentation by Professor Hirsch and his unique experiences as a British academic encountering, and confronting, both anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism.